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导读:本文是由匿名网友投稿,经过编辑发布关于"国外经典写字楼设计计划方案 "的内容介绍。

Schmidt Hammer Lassen已发布了索尔韦总公司的方案设计,是坐落于丹麦阿姆斯特丹的一家先进材料和化工品企业。与Modulo Architects和VK Engineers协作,荷兰企业在零碳,零耗能的工程建筑中优先选择考虑到可持续和延展性。

Schmidt Hammer Lassen has released images and details of its competition-winning design for the headquarters of Solvay, an advanced materials and chemicals company, to be located in Brussels, Belgium. Working in collaboration with Modulo Architects and VK Engineers, the Danish firm has prioritized sustainability and resilience in the zero-carbon, near-zero-energy building.

获得胜利的精英团队是以一个具备影响力的国际性比赛场上选拨出來的,包含OMA,Valode&Pistre,Wilmotte&Associates和Henning Larsen。

The winning team was chosen from a competitive international field including OMA, Valode & Pistre, Wilmotte & Associés, and Henning Larsen.


The scheme is located on a 22-hectare site in the Belgian capital which has hosted many of Solvay’s activities since 1953. The design team sought to reach beyond the typology of a typical corporate office, instead offering a fluid, collaborative space dedicated to interaction and innovation.

在最前期,一座紧凑工程建筑能够根据一个一同的通道进到中厅,许全部根据总公司的人都能够共享工程建筑的与众不同感受,并造就一种明显的信任感。大家将索尔韦的激情,自主创新,可持续性的总公司核心理念转换为一个胆大的工程建筑宣言口号,展现了其核心理念和打造出的新品牌形象。-Schmidt Hammer Lassen的合作伙伴Tiago Pereira

In the earliest stages, it became clear that one compact building with one common entrance into a sweeping atrium would allow everyone who passes through the headquarters to share the same unique experience of the building and create a strong sense of belonging. We translated Solvay's desire for a welcoming, innovative, sustainable headquarters into an architecturally bold statement that reflects its core values and creates a new identity.

-Tiago Pereira, Partner, Schmidt Hammer Lassen


The Solvay Headquarters sets ambitious environmental targets, aiming to be a zero-carbon footprint, near-zero-energy building. The scheme is set within a ”green campus” with visitors welcomed by a formal “urban carpet” of benches, trees, and reflective pools. Above, a large green roof offers unobstructed views across the landscape, while skylights and sunken gardens maximize the connection between interior and exterior.


An existing park to the west will be forested, with the reinstatement of an 18th-century stream linked to the Senne. Across the campus, rainwater will be harvested and reused, with the stream amplifying natural rainwater ponds to enhance biodiversity. To the north, an open-air amphitheater is shaped with consideration for existing trees and to take advantage of the naturally-sloping landscape.


These outdoor spaces guide visitors to a glazed, naturally-lit, inviting entrance lobby of the main building, flanked by a café and Experience Centre. Lined with informal workspaces such a large social staircase, the atrium also serves as a visual connection to the formal workspaces above.


The first two floors of the building contain laboratories and workshops, with four upper floors dedicated to offices. These two blocks are linked by the Meeting Centre, offering space for employees to relax, and providing a connection to panoramic terraces.


Expected to be certified as BREEAM Excellent, the scheme integrates a broad range of environmentally-conscious features including geothermal energy, solar cells, and natural ventilation, while Solvay has committed to minimizing the impact of its manufacturing and industrial waste processes on surrounding air, water, and soil.


该项目实施方案参照了Schmidt Hammer Lassen设计方案的另一个节能型公司校园内,与去年稍早发布——丹麦较大 的岩土工程研究所丹麦岩土工程工程学校(Norwegian Geotechnical Institute)新创建的校园内商业综合体。

News of the scheme follows on from another environmentally-conscious corporate campus designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen, with plans for the new campus of Norway’s largest geotechnical specialist community announced earlier this year.






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